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Convorbire cu acad. Florin Filip, Vicepresedinte al Academiei Romane
Publicat in TOP BUSINESS Nr. 622/10 august 2006-08-16
You have been recently elected honorary member of Moldova's Science Academy (MSA). At the jubilee of the MSA I have become honorary member of the MSA, along with other colleagues from Poland, Russia and the US. Several other colleagues have also received this distinction, Professor Florin Tanasescu and Dr. Dorel Zugravescu, corresponding member of the Romanian Academy, but they have not been able to attend the ceremony. (details in romanian)
Rural development: an it professional's point of view
Acad. F. G. Filip
A conference titled "National Debate: Rural World Today and Tomorrow" was held on October 31 in the Auditorium Hall of the Romanian Academy. This extremely interesting event lasted for about four hours and was honored by the presence of several Members of the Romanian Academy, of the ASAS, the Minister of Agriculture, Forests and Rural Development, …(details in romanian)
Economy of Culture and Digital Libraries
Acad. F. G. Filip
Publicat in TOP BUSINESS nr 6( 595), An XIV /2006, pag 10
On January 15, on the occasion of a cultural event celebrating 150 years since the birth of the Romanian poet Mihai Eminescu, in the Exhibitions Hall of the Library of the Romanian Academy, the facsimile edition of volumes II-VI of Eminescu's manuscripts were launched. (details in romanian)
The Scandinavian way towards a knowledge society; from shipyards to science parks
Acad. F G Filip
Publicat in ACADEMICA , nr 45, An XVI( 182), p.68-69
Five decades ago when the issue of scientific research development in Göteborg (second biggest city in Sweden) was raised, people argued that scientific research was useless: "What's the point of scientific research? We've got shipyards!" This story was told by Professor Lars Nordström, School of Business, Economics and Law, Göteborg University at the conference titled "Towards a Knowledge Society. The Nordic Experience", held in Göteborg, 14-15 October 2005. (details in romanian)
On the Role of a Research Institute
Acad. F. G. Filip
Publicat in TOP BUSINESS nr 4/2006, p. 10.
One may easily notice that the same entity in nature or society may be perceived differently by people with different preoccupations, interests or value systems. For example, a plain may be perceived by a farmer as a field on which he could grow grain, while…(details in romanian)
On the role of scientific researchers
Acad. F. G. Filip
Publicat in TOP BUSINESS nr 3/2006 ,p. 4
A few days before Christmas, the research-development and innovation consultative collegium (RDICC) held its final meeting in 2005 in the Council Hall of the Romanian Academy. The collegium is an advisory board whose main task is to counsel the national authority for scientific research (ANCS (details in romanian)
i2010 - a first initiative in the Lisbon Strategy reviewed
Acad. F. G. Filip
Publicata in revista TOP BUSINESS 44/2005
Republicata in ACADEMICA ,nr 43, oct 2005, An XV( 180), p.33-34.
i2010 is a short form of the initiative "A European Information Society to Foster Economic Growth and Jobs". Eleven years have passed since the document titled "Europe and the Global Information Society", also known as "the Bangemann Report", was launched (…. (details in romanian)
European Technological Platforms
Acad. F. G. Filip
Publicata in ACADEMICA ,nr 52-53, Anul XVI (189-190), p.30-31.
The seminar "Intelligent Embedded Systems" was held on July 20, 2006, in the "Ion Heliade Radulescu" Auditorium Hall of the Library of the Romanian Academy. The event organized by the Artificial Intelligence Institute (AII, President - Professor D. Tufis, Member of the Romanian Academy and Dr Angela Ionita) of the Romanian Academy, the Ministry of Education and Research …(details in romanian)
IST Prize - An Opportunity for Romanian IT Professionals
Acad. F. G. Filip
Publicat in revista DIPLOMAT Club / 2005
At present, there are several competitions in Europe. In the field of IT (Information Technology), one of them emerges and the most outstanding of all, due to its prestige, the prize value, competition and acknowledgement. It is the IST (Information Society Technologies) Prize. (details in romanian)
IST Prize - An Opportunity for Romanian IT Professionals
Acad. F. G. Filip
In 1995, Martin Bangemann, member of the European Commission (1993-1999), in charge with industrial issues and ITC (Information Technologies and Communications) launched the IST ("Information Society Technologies") Prize competition ( ). (details in romanian)